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    The Importance of Forgiveness


    Forgiveness lays at the heart of the Gospel, when we forgive our heavenly Father will forgive us…Matt 6:12. As  simply as this sounds its a struggle for many that continue to hold unto hurt and offense. When we forgive we relinquish our right to judge and consequently break the enemies right into our hearts. Andy shares these and other insights on this single CD

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    Dealing with the Orphan Heart


    Andy Glover teaches this 4 CD series on the Orphan heart; looking at what a spiritual orphan is and how we take on an orphan mentality through life’s hurts. Many of us have to deal with the inner orphan that is separated from God and needs healing and freedom. Getting to a place of sonship is a key to understanding belonging to the Father.


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    “Abba’s Touch” DVD Series


    Abba’s Touch is designed to help you come to a greater realisation of who “Abba Father” really is. It has been structured with teaching, personal testimony, ministry encounters, video presentations and worship, all of which will help you come to a place of finding God in a deeper way. The 10 hours of teaching consists of five sessions over the 4 DVDs, taught by Andy Glover who is the director and founder of Revival to the Nations.

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    Double Portion of our Inheritance


    Elisha followed Elijah for something more than an encounter with power, his request for a Double Portion came from a desire that Elijah would be his Father and that he would come into his inheritance. It is only when we encounter our Father that we find out true Identity as “SONS”

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    Many of you have heard me teach on “The Love of the Father” and the importance of that revelation for us as we walk as sons on the earth. We are very aware that the revelation of the Father’s Love is a major theme around the world; many are now talking about “Daddy’s Love”. Up until a few years ago I was really void of a significant touch from Daddy, I knew about it, but it really had not touched my heart. Now, looking back I can see the deep impact and change it has brought to my life, marriage and family. The Ministry has just put together a 3 CD series on SONSHIP. It will really bless you; the messages that we share are a large part of what we are taking to the Nations.