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  • Double Portion our inheritance (Book)


    “Double Portion our Inheritance” brings a fresh perspectives on sonship from the Scriptures. Paralleling Elisha’s relationship with Elijah this book marks out a course on how we can discover an intimate relationship with our Father and opens our eyes to grasp the wonderful inheritance that God has in store for His beloved sons and daughters.

  • Freedom (Single CD)

    Freedom is not in what we do and don’t do, but it is found in a loving relationship with the Father. Performance affects our lives to the point that we believe that the better we do something the greater level of freedom we will attain. The New Testament reveals that God longs in live and dwell in our hearts, which forms the basis of our relationship with Him, and this is the core of our freedom as believers.
  • A Place to Call Home (Single CD)

    A Place Called “Home”
    Many of us are looking for peace and security in our lives. We search for it in all that we do, but the reality is that we only really find home when we encounter the Father and His loving embrace. He is the one that is able to settle our hearts and bring us true peace. The lost son came home, not to work but to be the son that he was created to be.
  • Finding My Father (Single CD)

     “Finding My Father”
    Andy shares on how he came to know and understand God as his Father. Many of us live our Christian lives knowing Jesus our savior, but never understand that the reason we meet with Jesus is so we can find the Father. Jesus is the exact representation of God and the Father is revealed in and through the life of Jesus. Our intended destination is the Father, through Jesus.