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Meeting the VP of Liberia

Meeting the Vice-President of Liberia…..Divine appointment on Kenya Airways…. I met the Vice President of Liberia on our flight back to Accra. Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr, who will be running for president next year, is a born again believer and is from the same region where we are building the school. He was so excited […]

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A word on Identity

Do you define yourself by what you do or by the one that you know? This is a huge question in our western society today as many are looking for real meaning and identity in life. It’s not just an issue that the world struggles with but also the church, we are genuinely unsure about […]

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Our Vision for Liberia

Few nations on the face of this planet have suffered in the same way as Liberia has. Not only have they had to face two civil wars, but as well, an Ebola crisis that left over 5000 people dead. I believe God has a special plan for Liberia despite the fact that the enemy has […]

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