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An EXCITING Announcement!

We are soo exited to announce the completion and production of “Double Portion Our Inheritance” Andy’s New Book!!! “Double Portion our Inheritance” brings a fresh perspectives on sonship from the Scriptures. Paralleling Elisha’s relationship with Elijah this book marks out a course on how we can discover an intimate relationship with our Father and opens […]

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September 2017 Father Heart “A” School


Click (Here) for more information.

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Meeting the VP of Liberia

Meeting the Vice-President of Liberia…..Divine appointment on Kenya Airways…. I met the Vice President of Liberia on our flight back to Accra. Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr, who will be running for president next year, is a born again believer and is from the same region where we are building the school. He was so excited […]

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