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News from Immanuel in Malmo on the River

A New Day for Europe…………
The River is a New Church Plant in the city of Malmo Sweden, our core values are all about “His Presence” “Passion” and “our Purpose”. The name “The River” is from Ezekiel’s vision of Gods Presence depicted by a River that comes down from the temple. A River of His Presence and His Glory that effects everything it comes into contact with.
Our Dream is to be a church that is filled with the Spirit, Loving His Presence and giving it away to those around us. Come and join us for an amazing encounter with God.

The First Amazing year!!

The southern part of Sweden has for many years been on our hearts. In the late 80’s after getting married Gunilla and I lived in Malmo, the 3rd largest city in the nation. As well as being a very secularized place it is multiethnic with over a hundred languages spoke. The city is situated on the coast in the south-west, directly across the sea from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Back at the end of 2011 God started to speak to us about moving back to Sweden, at first it seemed totally impossible, California was a great location, ministry was going well and we had a good network of relationships. After a lot of prayer, careful consideration and input from those around us, we came to the realization that the Father was calling us to move our home back to Sweden, we could keep our ministry base and continue traveling in and out of the States but live in Sweden.It still was a huge move, however, we knew and understood that this was where the Father was calling us. We moved to Sweden a little over a year ago and we have seen some amazing doors of opportunities open up, it was abundantly clear that “Favor” was on us in the nation.

The last year has given us time to consider what the Lord has called us to, again through prayer and careful consideration, we believe it is right for us to plant a new church in the region where we are living. We will be calling the church “The River”, we feel this is an apt name for what we believe and long to see happen.It might be asked how does this affect our ongoing presence in Africa, America and other parts of the world. It is important to know that this work is Sweden will be part of Revival to the Nations outreach into the nations, we will continue to grow the ministries in Ghana and Liberia and I will, as I have for the last year, make regular trips back to the States for ministry events. Our international office and base of administration will remain in California.This is a really exciting time for us, we long to see a vibrant church that is effective in the culture, as well as a training base where leaders can be equipped for the work of service and a place where believers can call home. I really have it on my heart to ask that you prayerfully consider financially partnering with our ministry into Sweden, we all know it costs to reach the lost and see new works established. If you would like to make an offering please use the this link.

Touching lives ~ Changing Nations
Andy & Gunilla Glover
The River Malmo

Soaking Every Tuesday Please call +46 767 024335
Every Sunday @ 4pm (1600) from April 6th meeting in Immanuelskyrkan, Malmo, Sweden

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