The Father’s Love

Over the last few years we as a ministry have been deeply impacted by the amazing love of our heavenly Father. It has revolutionized how we view not only our relationship with God, but also those we are in relationship with. It has transformed our lives and brought a paradigm shift in our philosophy of our ministry. Father love you weekends are designed for churches and ministries that wish to help their members come to a greater realization of who “The Father” really is. The program has been structured with teaching, personal testimony, ministry encounters, video presentations and worship, all of which will help people come to a place of finding God in a deeper way.




This program fits ideally into a weekend retreat or a seminar setting. Total session times will be approximately 10 hours. The program is taught by Andy & Gunilla Glover who are the directors and founders of Revival to the Nations.


“It has been my pleasure to come to know Andy Glover as a man whose heart has been deeply impacted by the Father’s love. Through his life and ministry many will come to find the love they have been looking for all their lives.”
Ed Piorek, Father Loves You Ministries


“Pastors, if you have been looking for that Ministry Event that would take your congregation to the next level, a deeper level with the Father, look no further; this is it! I highly recommend Revival to the Nations. This ministry not only fanned a flame in my congregation, but the flame is still burning months later.”
Pastor John Romick, Living Faith Christian Fellowship


Hi Andy,

My husband and I attended the conference in Alabama. We went over from Fort Myers, Florida. God had sent us to Alabama to help my friend. She was suffering depression and God was calling her and her family to be part of a revival in Alabama. Abba’s Touch was exactly what she needed to become alive again. I left after the 2:00 pm session on Sunday to come back home to Florida. She called me after the last session with a laughter that only the Spirit of God brings. Not only did God confirm what we had gone to tell her throughout the seminar about His calling to her family, He also set her free. We had also told her about a revival in Alabama and the desire God has to set His Spirit free there; It was confirmed on the last Session, she told me. We told her she needed to get to work. The seminar was a blessing and everything was confirmed in those few days.

Monday, she started getting to work. She has been praying, anointing, and restoring families through the Power of God. In just 3 days God has used her in a mighty way to bring Word of encouragement to those in need. It has been amazing!!! That is why we serve the Living God we serve. He is totally Awesome!!!!

I just wanted to thank you for devoting your life to God’s will and purpose. We really enjoyed and learned a lot from the seminar. Your testimony was really important to us too, because we have a passion for the mission field and we are just waiting for God to give us the get go. God Bless you and your family.

In Christian Love,

Zuly Perez
Ft. Myers, Florida


For more details on how you can have “Abba’s Touch” in your church please contact Email Us