Liberia – School project

Revival to the Nations is in the process of expanding the base of operation in Africa into Liberia. Liberia is a nation that was originally formed from slaves that were sent back from the free world and it has had close ties with America for many years. The recent civil war, lasting 14 years, left much of the nation in deep poverty. Now, only 50% of children attend school; this is staggering when you consider that over 60% of the population is 18 years of age or younger. Our initial objective is to help start a School that will offer Christian schooling for children throughout the nation. Our ministry leader in Liberia is Pastor Jallah Kormah, who was trained by RTTN in Ghana. Jallah has already started the first Center in the north of the country and we will be helping to get these centers established all over the nation. Revival to the Nations will be specifically involved in:

. Helping support the physical development of the Centers
. Helping support the feeding of the children
. Training the teachers at the Center.
. Sending support teams to help at the Centers.

Development of the first project in Lofa County. 5 Acres of land already purchased to be developed into a:
(Picture: Dedicating the Land in May 2013)IMG_3037

New School to house 600 hundred Children. The school is already up and running, we have over 500 students from all different back grounds. Many of these children now are able to bring the Gospel into their homes, even Muslim children are encountering Christ and having an influence on their parents, such is the favor that God is pouring out on the school.

A Harvest Garden to produce food for 600 hundred children on a yearly basis. Fifty percent of the land will be developed as a Garden to produce healthy vegetables that not only will be nutritional sustenance for the children, but offer an income as well. Our national leader has already been trained in how to develop these Gardens.

Proposed cost of implementation $200,000 to see the first project.
Over the next 5 to 10 years we would like to implement this project into each of the 15 counties in Liberia this will be 15 schools of 600 children each, 15 Harvest Gardens 15 x $200.000 = 3 Million USD