An EXCITING Announcement!

We are soo exited to announce the completion and production of “Double Portion Our Inheritance” Andy’s New Book!!!

“Double Portion our Inheritance” brings a fresh perspectives on sonship from the Scriptures. Paralleling Elisha’s relationship with Elijah this book marks out a course on how we can discover an intimate relationship with our Father and opens our eyes to grasp the wonderful inheritance that God has in store for His beloved sons and daughters.

Here’s what Ed Piorek had to say about it:

“Over thirty years ago I had an encounter with the Father’s love that forever changed my life. As I knew of no one teaching on the subject at the time I worked hard at developing a theology. I soon discovered that teaching this new material brought others into a dynamic experience of that same love. I sensed that I was on the prophetic edge of a new revelation! As I read Andy Glover’s new book I recognized that he too had deeply experienced the Father’s love which he wonderfully relates through many moving testimonies. He too offers a solid theology for the Father’s love and the resultant sonship that results from that encounter. One area where he goes far beyond my early paradigms on the subject is found in his grasp on the prophetic dimensions of the message! Utilizing a fascinating study on the lives of Elijah and Elisha, he mines out some precious truths about sonship and spiritual fathering. With his passion for worldwide missions he projects the implications that the revelation of Abba’s love will have on redeemed mankind and creation as well. Truly Double Portion Our Inheritance delivers everything the title contains. I recommend it!”


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